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Stands, Events, Exhibitions and Temporary Installations

Frog has been a pioneer in designing, constructing and renting exhibition stands for over 20 years.
Once the project is approved by the client, we will take care of the logistical, organisational and administrative aspects. We always deliver outstanding results due to our established capacity to understand the client’s requirements. We fiercely focus on comprehending the client’s values and the products’ characteristics in order to build a connection and create favourably with their potential customers.
We have gained our experience in exhibitions in cities all over Italy, such as Milan, Verona, Bologna and Rome, as well as Europe, where we have designed and assembled stands in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Dusseldorf. Wherever you need an exhibition stand to improve your brand’s visibility, we will join you.

Find out about what we can achieve together

Stand construction

Designing and assembling of exhibition stands customized to the client’s needs.

Find out how Frog can boost your visibility and enhances the potential of your exhibition space.

Event outfitting

We deliver and assemble outstanding concepts, designs for your events with creative, innovative and dynamic ideas. We supply technical, logistical and multimedia services to get the best from your event.

Stand renting solutions

Achieve your highest potential while remaining within your budget. Find out how the unique renting solution designed by Frog allows you to obtain the stand you always desired of.

Design, Architecture and communications integrated for outstanding results.
From concept to production and logistics as well as storing, a 360° service.

Find out about Frog

Frog is an international creative studio with years of experience and success in the development of architectural projects.
Frog is a dynamic and avant-garde firm that guarantees the best results on the quality and style levels. Every project represents to us a unique opportunity to explore the essence of architecture through the dialogue of geometries, structures, spaces and communication. Frog has the privilege to work with talented professionals and offers a complete service from the designing to the construction.
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