Exhibition stands design and realization | Frog Standworld
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Exhibition stands design and realization

FROG designs and builds personalized exhibition stands. Frog aims to fulfill at its best all the main functions requested by its customers:


  • Enhancing the most valuable principles of the customer company
  • Attract and achieve new clients
  • Be a practical meeting point for the distribution network and customers


Frog supports its clients by respecting and following its customers’ marketing, aiming at reaching the client’s needs. The project is the differential that maximizes important investments within specialized fairs. Frog’s projects are a meticulous design that follows the production of single components and guarantees a result. Frog can deliver an exhibition space, curing it from the design to the opening night. Frog covers from the architecture to the IT, from the concept to the construction.

Together we will understand if its necessary to design an open space or an enclosed space. We will study together the typology of the construction, from a simple platform to a complex multi-story stand.


We also study for our customers all the communication systems for the fair:


  • Lighting effects are part of our job, creating intelligent and interactive systems for the most exciting and dynamic effects.
  • We provide an Audio Design to define spaces and atmospheres, turning sound into a design tool.
  • We realize Video installations, projections and maxi video walls, monitor interaction, video touch, video mapping and kinetic installations.


Architecture, design, marketing and communication is our expertise. We always successfully deliver a personal product that fulfills our client’s needs.


Frog is a fully structured office. We cover all the bureaucratic aspects of a project, having an experience in multiple countries throughout Europe.


The realization is always directed and closely followed by our personnel on the field. Our architects or technicians cure the construction, making sure that all health and safety measures are followed just as much as the contractor delivers a great product.

Over the years, Frog has been a reference point for the design of important brands. Ford, Mazda, Marchesi Antinori, Aprilia, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Krug, Perrier and Jouet and many other international brands have trusted Frog for the design and set up of their stands, their stores and their image.

A good project is the key to a successful stand.