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Designing and building stands in Vicenza

Create with Frog your stand at Vicenzaoro Spring and Vicenzaoro Winter.

Frog is involved in the most important fairs in Vicenza, for which Frog designs and builds stands. The level of the exhibition spaces at the Vicenza Oro is always exceptionally high, as its clientele is always demanding.

This is the reason why it is fundamental to design according to a well-defined program of functions. The identification and memorable impression is a standard target at Frog. These spaces are designed to become meeting points, locations of exchange where clients and operators discover each other.

Fair stands can be designed for any season or need, closed and open, and they can guarantee the brand maximum visibility without neglecting any security factors. In fact, the appeal that the brand wants to transmit to the client is never compromised. If anything, it is only emphasized.

Excellent realization quality for optimal results

The quality level of design and high attention to detail of construction allow Frog to reach extremely refined targets.

Details are meticulously studied from macro to micro scales. This is of vital importance especially when the product to be exhibited is prime and small as jewelry and watches.

Some of Frog’s hubs are located close by the fair of Vicenza. This allows an agile and direct managing of materials and furniture production. The latter is always exclusively designed for the client, having an individual and unique atmosphere at the fair.

Since logistic and production hubs are close by Vicenza, Frog has the possibility to optimize at its best costs of transportation, construction, assembly, and storage. This also allows the possibility to add flexibility and last minute changes.

For any further info on Fairs such as Vicenzaoro Winter or Vicenzaoro Summer, visit the following link.

Contact us to ask for an estimate for your personalized stand and examine in depth the quality of Frog’s production.