Frog Standworld | Eventi - Organize with us your next event
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Organize with us your next event

The design and realization of a company event
is a delicate and powerful operation for a brand.

An event might have a specific target, for instance, it can be used to reinforce relationships with clients or find new ones, or the launch of a new product and much more.


Independently of the purpose, the essential ingredient for a successful event is to have a professional execution in a professional environment. In fact, creating the correct pathos, atmosphere and mood is fundamental to deliver a message. We understand that. We want to hear from you your intention, and we will create the best environment for you to deliver that message.

An event that catches people is an emotional event, we can create the correct tension required to turn an event into a memorable event, something that will leave a strong legacy behind.


Frog has been designing and realizing high-quality event spaces for the last 20 years. Frog’s clients believe in the effectiveness of a well designed and organized event.

Clients such as Mazda Corporation Vogue Italia (Condé Nast), Ford Italia, Valtur, J Walter Thompson, Editoriale Domus and more have relied on Frog’s design to hosting many of their events.


We offer competence to cover all aspects of the realization of an event space. We take care of the concept, the design, spatial studies and more. From technical aspects to conceptual we will design the event space that transmits the emotions and needs of our client’s expectations.

Marketing and image consultancy, brand philosophy, light design, multimedia design and project management are aspects of our job.

We collaborate with agencies, in Italy and Europe, capable of organizing and setting up an event delivering assistance and logistics at any level.

We believe in the effectiveness of a well-organized event.